This gang is a relatively new gang, Its called The Pilots even though there name are utterly meant for members who were airforce pilots it consist's of Navy crew members, sometimes Marines and soldiers but it is very rare to find one. They tend to have flight suits and jackets on always. They usually hang around bars and their Bases, even though their base is really just a normal apartment or dorm, they still tend to call it base, they are based in a town in Florida, though they are big in numbers there are still not alot, though Joel and Ellie have never had an expirence with them, they do hear good things about them, like some of the rules and even initiation into the group.

Initiation is nothing to extreme, All you have to do is actually serve in the armed forces, most of the young members served in the bombing of the building outside the boston QZ and eliminating some infected. They arent to fond of soldiers due to some of the horrible things they've heard in the past about certain QZ's but they dont mind their company, upon entering you are given a patch to put on their uniforms and some even get nicknames.

They dont tend to hang around in large groups, they have their own little clique even in the  gang itself, Even if the gang is led by a mysterious man that goes by the name of Watchtower due to the fact that he watches over his group and makes sure they arent doing something thats bad. Due to the fact that they live in large groups they all have to share everything, weapons, veichals, food, and supplies of the sort, because of this they have all grown a likeness to certain music, certain food, even certain weapons and tactics. even though they are young as in 21 and younger, some have families that live with them in their Base and live in the same room as them.

They dont like to refer to them self as gangsters and neither do the other members of this town, due to the fact that they are generally nice to everyone, but they arent to nice, they dont refer to them self as the good guys either, they just like to keep the community safe. Some of their rules are quite simple, rules such as, Drugs are not allowed, Insults toward other members arent allowed either.

Alot of more Information coming soon so watch out for that!