The longer I survive, the tougher it becomes. The more I breathe, the less I live. I've made mistakes. I've fallen far. But if everything I've done as a Firefly has achieved anything worthwhile, it is this: Hope.
— Alan

The Long Years is an upcoming Fanon created by Snivystorm.

It will follow the story of Alan, a survivor turned Firefly, following his experience in post-apocalyptic America over the 20 year period.


Alan lived a very normal life in 2013 but that all changed when people began to eat each other. Alan has sacrificed a lot to survive in this apocalyptic future. He thought he was not worthy to survive....until he met the Fireflies.

Characters Edit


Alan - The protagonist of The Long Years.

Gareth - Alan's best friend and the deuteragonist of The Long Years. A well respected, but feared, member of the Fireflies.


Michael - A sniper in Gareth's squad. Unlike the others, he maintains empathy for their enemies.

Reuben - An associate of Alan and Gareth's from their time in the Pittsburgh Quarantine Zone.

Marlene - Leader of the Fireflies. She travels the country in an effort to recruit more people to her cause.

The General - Leader of the military. He is stationed in a heavily fortified Quarantine Zone that is believed to contain only military personal.

Major Dixon - A high ranked commander in the military who oversees command of two Quarantine Zones, one of them being Pittsburgh.


The Infected - Hostile humanoids who have been corrupted by the Cordyceps Brain Infection.

The Military - The remnants of the U.S. Army. They are stationed throughout America's cities, maintaining a semblance of order over civilians.

Voluntary Workers Unit - A faction in the military consisting of civilian volunteers. They carry out work duties and assist the soldiers in supply runs outside the safety of the zones in exchange for extra privileges.

Fireflies - A militia group who rebel against the military's oppression in the belief the infection can be cured. They desire a return to life before the apocalypse.