2 - "A Door Closes, Another Opens"

Two days later, Joel and Ellie were geared up and waiting outside the gate of Tommy's Dam. It was just before dawn, their breath was visible, and Ellie was slumped up against a wall while Joel was standing a few feet away when the gates opened and Tommy came out driving a hybrid. Ellie laughed "That's our ride?" Joel said "Yeah, they weren't popular during my time either. Get in Ellie." Ellie sighed "Alright." Ellie tossed her backpack into the backseat and got into the car. Joel turned to Tommy and gave him a hug "Thank you Tommy." Tommy smiled "Don't mention it, and remember the door's always open to come back; you always have a place here." Joel got into the car and said "We'll remember that." Maria appeared at Ellie's window and said "Goodbye Ellie. You behave yourself." Ellie returned her smile "No promises." After a few more goodbyes, Joel started driving down the road toward Texas. After a few hours of silence, Ellie said "I'm sorry." Joel raised an eyebrow "For wha...what did you take this time?" Ellie said "Nothing." Joel asked "Then what are you apologizing for?" Ellie said "I'm sorry for everything. It just seems that we wasted the last year for nothing." Joel said "The year was anything but wasted, Ellie." Ellie buried her head into her knees "But we didn't even need to go. What was the point of going if they just stopped looking for a cure?" Joel said "It would have been a waste if we didn't try, Ellie." Ellie started to tear up "We should have just stayed in Boston." Joel said "Listen,baby girl. I heard from Tommy that Boston was overrun by Clickers a few days after we got out. If we stayed there. We would have died." Ellie started to cry and Joel thought to himself "Great job Joel. Way to make her feel better." Ellie continued to cry for a few minutes before Joel sighed and said "It isn't on you Ellie. It could have happened at anytime." Ellie just nodded and didn't say anything else.

A few hours passed and Joel, wanting to break the silence, asked "So you uh have any questions?" Ellie looked up at him, with puffy red eyes and tears strolling down her face and asked "What do you mean?" Joel said "Do you have any questions...about anything." Ellie thought for a second before asking "What was Sarah like?" Joel said "She was a lot like you, in a lot of ways." Ellie asked "What was your relationship with Tess. Did you have a thing?" Joel sighed "You could say that."

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